Ever wondered if 'high hands' are actually faster? 

Ever laid awake thinking if the disc wheel or the 80mm rear are faster? 

Ever thought of trialling a few different aero helmets? 

Now you can, here on the humble Central Coast Velodrome or Newcastle Velodromes. 

What is CdA?
Raw power doesn’t tell you everything. At no stage are there medals handed out for power output.
"CdA" (coefficient of drag) is essentially the frontal surface area of your bike and body and it's 'drag' through the air and the equipments drag on the road.
It is THE KEY to riding faster.
Simply put, the lower your CdA, the more aero you are. And watt-for-watt, the more aero you are, the faster you go.

As roughly 80 percent of the drag of the bike/rider package is the rider, improving the rider’s shape in the wind can have a huge impact.

Elite cyclists improve CdA through expensive and time-consuming wind tunnel and velodrome testing. Unfortunately, we don't have a wind tunnel on hand (or $10k a day to hire one). BUT, we do have the latest instant real world CdA technology and Gosford Velodrome (and trips Newcastle for the Newy folk).

What can I test in my session? 

Pretty much anything! As long as your bike is fitted with a suitable power meter, we can test your Road, track, TT or triathlon bike. 

Then, we focus on the 2 keys components of CdA:

  • Your body position

  • Equipment and clothing

The amount of manipulation of your front end governs the amount of changes we can made on the day.

Basic changes between tests include: 

* hands high vs hands low. 

* torso high vs torso low 

* narrow elbows v wide elbow pads

* forarm angle changes

The most common pieces of equipment tested include:

  • helmets variations 

  • skinsuits clothing changes 

  • wheels

  • shoe covers

What your session will look like:

Allow 3hours of session time. This allows plenty of time for multiple tests and time for bike/equipment modifications. 

Ever wondered if your disc wheel is actually faster that your 80mm rear wheel? Should you run your trispoke or 60mm front wheel?
Beg, borrow or steal a few different helmets. A few sets of wheels. A few different skinsuits.
By the end of the session, you will ride away actually knowing what combo is fastest for you.

The real time data will give you a reading of how many minutes you will save in your event post changes.

How many things can we test for?

Ultimately, it's up to you and the positions/equipment being tested. If comparing helmets for example, is is super quick to swap between tests. Wheels are also fast. Things take a bit longer when changes to the front end set up are done. 

What do I need to bring on the day?

  • Bring your bike! Ha. It needs to have an ANT+ power meter. With the ability to calibrate. 

  • Bring a few kits if you want them tested against each other. 

  • Race shoes and race helmet.

  • Please bring any spacer, extensions or handlebars specific to your set up. 

  • Please throw in specific tools needed for your bike. 

  • Bring a drink, and some nibbles. 

Is this a BikeFit, too? 

No. It is highly recommended you get a MCC BikeFit in clinic before attending an aero CdA_Lab session. 

This let's us know you are delivering the power comfortably, stable, efficiently and injury free. We then use the CdA_Lab session to tweak the "aero" factor without the quess work. 

The testing protocol:
5min passes for each recording.
Base line is set, changes are made, re test, then see the gains. This process is repeated using each additional equipment/position change.