G8 Orthotic Insole

G8 Orthotic Insole

G8 orthotic insoles are specially-designed shoe inserts with a difference: unlike other insole products, our orthotic insoles are not designed simply for a quick fix. Alternatively, they are custom-designed to increase foot health the long term. 

The front third of the foot (nearest the toes) has the greatest blood supply and the largest number of nerve endings. This makes it the most physiologically-important part of the foot; this is the part of the foot which expels the most energy, giving you forward momentum when walking or running, and powering your pedal stroke while cycling.


This orthotic insole technology features an adjustable arch piece to suit feet of all sizes, shapes, and levels of strength and flexibility. The flexible arch piece supports the foot throughout the entire range of motion in the gait cycle, flexing to suit the load before springing back to its original shape.

It is through this functional nature of the insole that the forefoot is strengthened and loosened, and blood flow within the foot is enhanced. This reduces numbness in the foot and improves the function of the foot’s muscles. The sole of the foot is also supported at the arch.