MCC has you covered for optimal position on the bike. If you want to go fast, go long or go comfy, there's a place for you at MCC. 

Multiple services and products are offered:

* Bike Fitting

* Cleat Fitting

* Saddle Test Experience 

* G8 Performance Insoles (fitting and supply) 




MCC concentrates more on fitting the person to the bike, rather that the bike to the person. The process is guided by technology, rather than being dictated by it.  Ideal positioning that maximises each rider’s athletic input while minimising impact on vulnerable parts of the body is the ultimate goal. MCC has years of experience across all bikes, a gentle manner and way of explaining things as well as degrees and diplomas in Education, Physical Education, Anatomy & Physiology and Remedial Massage.

Your fit will be full of stories, nice and relaxed and guided by your feedback. Because, "What YOU feel, is real." 

  • New bike purchase?

  • Pain or discomfort?

  • Desire to increase power and efficiency? 

  • Once you’ve completed the sizing process, fitting a bicycle comes down to the contact or connection points between the cyclist and their bicycle and adjusting those moving parts on the chosen bicycle. These five connection points (9 on a time trial or triathlon bike) are the right and left foot, the pelvis, and right and left hands.  Even if your bike is not the correct “size,” as long as you get the connection points in the ideal place, you can still achieve a good and comfortable bike fit.




Ever wondered if 'high hands' are actually faster? 

Ever laid awake thinking of the disc wheel or the 80mm rear are faster? 

Ever thought of trialling a few different aero helmets? 

Now you can, here on the humble Central Coast Velodrome or Newcastle Velodromes. 

What is CdA?
Raw power doesn’t tell you everything. At no stage are there medals handed out for power output.
"CdA" (coefficient of drag) is essentially the frontal surface area of your bike and body and it's 'drag' through the air and the equipments grad on the road.
It is THE KEY to riding fastest.
Simply put, the lower your CdA, the more aero you are. And watt-for-watt, the more aero you are, the faster you go.

As roughly 80 percent of the drag of the bike/rider package is the rider, improving the rider’s shape in the wind can have a huge impact.

Elite cyclists improve CdA through expensive and time-consuming wind tunnel and velodrome testing. Unfortunately, we don't have a wind tunnel on hand (or $10k a day to hire one). BUT, we do have the latest instant real world CdA technology and Gosford Velodrome (and trips Newcastle for the Newy folk).

What your session will look like:

There are 2 ways to use your time during a MCC Aero session. (yes, we can combine the 2 options in one session)

1. MCC Aero Position Optimisation: (venue Velodrome, 2hrs)

This session we tweak your Tri or Time Trial position in the real word. No additional equipment needed (bring spacers). Just what you already own. No more guessing, no more thinking lower is faster. We will improve the aerodynamics of your ride position. Real-time CdA is like having a wind tunnel on your handlebars!

2. MCC Aero Equipment selection/test. (venue Velodrome, 90mins)

Ever wondered if your disc wheel is actually faster that your 80mm rear wheel? Should you run your trispoke or 60mm front wheel?**
Beg, borrow or steal a few different helmets. A few sets of wheels. A few different skinsuits.
By the end of the session, you will ride away actually knowing what combo is fastest for you.

The real time data will give you a reading of how many minutes you will save in your event post changes.

** actually my questions :)

The testing protocol:
5min passes for each recording.
Base line is set, changes are made, re test, then see the gains. This process is repeated using each additional equipment/position change.




How G8 Insoles Can Benefit Your Cycling by:

  • Increased force transferal (do I hear faster?)

  • Increased foot strength.

  • Reduced torque on calf and Achilles (yeah the calf cramps!)

  • Increased blood flow (helps with cooling)

  • Reduced incidents of foot and toe numbness

  • Reduced torque on hips and lower back.

G8 orthotic insoles are specially-designed shoe inserts with a difference: unlike other insole products, G8 orthotic insoles are not designed simply for a quick fix. 

Feet come in all shapes and sizes and vary in their levels of flexibility and strength. The G8 Performance orthotic insoles come with an adjustable arch piece that be moved around to suit an individual foot. They come with a flexible arch piece.

The flexible arch piece included in the range of  orthotic insoles is what allows the foot to be supported throughout the entire range of motion of the gait cycle. The arch piece flexes to the appropriate amount under load and springs back to its original shape. It is this function that that assists to strengthen and loosen the forefoot and associated muscles and tendons which increases blood flow and reduces numbness.

During your fit, your insoles will be trimmed and fitted to you foot driven by comfort. 

G8 Insole fitting is FREE during a fit. 

More detail: 

Screen Shot 2020-07-09 at 1.46.12 pm.png



Take a seat. 

One of the most important aspects of the fitting process is the saddle. 

However, saddle choice is often a blind guess.

At MCC, we offer a test experience so you can try before you buy.  

Saddle discomfort is one of the most common complaints (especially women) I hear in clinic. (foot discomfort equal to that) 

Bike saddles can cause numbness, soreness and other issues including chronic genital and prostate problems in men and soft tissue damage in women. The array of issues to that specific area of the body arise from sitting on a saddle that is not appropriate for extended periods of time. 

There are many different styles of riding and many different types of riders. Therefore, saddle selection is individual.  

Your individual comfort and feedback is important to the fit and sometimes can no be done in the clinic.

So, that's why we offer the TEST SADDEL EXPERIENCE. 

Comfort equals performance. 

​Why test a saddle?

A saddle should ideally do much more than protect the rider from the seat post. It should eliminate pressure points and fit the rider’s anatomy like a glove. Proper saddle selection, as part of a professional bike fit that also takes into account the biometrics of the rider and their riding style, is critical. Additional benefits of a saddle test include saving money, alleviation of pain and avoidance of time wasted with an incorrect saddle.

Try before you buy at MCC BikefFit.

We have a test saddle experience that allows you to try before you buy. The saddle is chosen based on postural and anatomical considerations including the distance between the bones of the lower pelvis and pubis, as well as how the rider sits on the bike. A professional bike fit is the right way to ensure the correct saddle is recommended and chosen.

How much does it cost? How does it work?

1. During an MCC fit, a saddle of your choice is fitted included in the fit cost. There is a non-refundable test saddle hire deposit of $40 for a maximum of two (2) weeks unless otherwise agreed upon.

2. You ride the saddle.

3. If you like it, you can put that $40 deposit towards the purchase.

4. If you don't like it, test another.

5. Saddle fitting for your chosen saddle will be free of charge.

* a stand alone saddle fitting is $49 if not part of the fit process and takes 30mins.